What To Do With the Brined?

Many people have asked us what they can do with the Brine in the Jar once they have finished all the pickles...We first of all.   Don't run out ...This could cause pickle loss anxiety : ).  Rush out and get some more ...Click here to find out where you can get some.

The brine is where all the good stuff is.   Friendly bacteria, Spices, garlic...Yum yum.

Now with the extra brine you can do many things and we are always looking for suggestions so please go to our contact us page for any suggestions as to what you are doing with your brine.

  1. Marinate a whole chicken, chicken wings or pieces in the brine for 24/48 hours and bake, roast or BBQ
  2. Brine up a Brisket
  3. Take 6-8 eggs, boil them (semi soft) , peel them and drop them into a jar.  Close the jar and allow them to sit in the fridge for 2 week.  Yummy
  4. 40% brine and 60% olive oil, a little mustard in a Jar and voila ...salad dressing.
  5. Save the spices and dry them out.  Then grind them and put them over fish, chicken, popcorn etc.





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